As a Boutique Production Company we specialize in bringing our skills, knowledge, and resources to a selective group of projects into high-quality entertainment.

We commit ourselves to each and every project with the professionalism and high standard service that every independent filmmaker deserves.

Join us today to explore and bring your message to every corner of the world.

approach to each customer!

Development, Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.


- Including Script (from spec to shooting script)
- Budget breakdown and schedule
- Investor packets.


- Qualified and Professional Crew
- Award Winning Directors
- Oversee Casting Director and Casting Process
- Contracts with Union guilds.


- Oversee scouting and locking film locations
- Manage Production Team Department
- Oversee principal photography
- Execution of Legal Documents associated with the project.


- Sound mixing
- Oversee Composers hiring process
- Assistance and consultation for marketing, publicity and distribution
- Bring project to a successful completion.

Script Analysis

- Logline and synopsis
- Structure standard review
- Characters description
- Constructive notes

Other Services

- Pitching to TV and other Networks
- Planning of Filming Schedules
- Event Series
- Adaptations
-Talent Management

Our imagination
on serve of your needs

Join us today to explore and bring your message to every corner of the world..

You shouldn't dream your film, you should make it! - Steven Spielberg Anything you can imagine, you can put on film - Peter Jackson


Peter M.

Peter is responsible for the execution and selection of scripts to be developed into films. He began as an Actor, then developing into a writer, director and cinematographer. As an actor he has worked in film and TV along with AFI, and NYFA, and theater.

Sayamol K.

Sayamol started her career in the film market internationally. With her passion to make a difference and bring a message to a wider audience; she decided a journey in Producing. She prefers to be in charge of projects from inception to completion.

Chris R

Chris career started since very young, his aspiration to inspire others had moved him up to explore new challenges. He’s in charge of securing steps in development, he plays a significant role in the stages of post production.